Here at DogCatKin we love everything about dogs and cats. We walk dogs, we house sit for dogs and cats while their humans are at work or on holiday, we drop in and visit dogs and cats while their humans are at the office or away for shorter periods of time.

At DogCatKin, we offer a wide range of services dedicated to the well-being of your beloved pets. From dog walking and house sitting to drop-in visits, we ensure that your furry friends are taken care of while you're at work or away on vacation

We also produce artwork and printed merchandise dedicated to our four-legged companions. Our motivation to do so stems from the affection, companionship, and trust acquired throughout numerous years of walking, visiting, and caring for various dogs and cats in the Royal Borough of Greenwich and its surrounding areas.

Recognising the human characteristics such as loyalty, directness, kindness, faithfulness, altruism, helpfulness and team-oriented behaviour within these wonderful companions inspired us to merge the human and furry kindred spirit together and create the alter ego of many a four legged friend in the DogCatKin coffee table book.

Our creative journey also encompasses the creation of stunning wallpapers and textiles that pay homage to the timeless designs by William Morris. Moreover, we are constantly expanding our repertoire to include an array of captivating products like books, cards, mugs, tote bags, clothing, wall art, and calendars. Each item undergoes a thorough review before it is approved for printing.

Meet Marvin the rescued mixed blessing from Spain. He is intelligent, very cheeky and like most street dogs, obsessed with food. His alter ego is Mavino the Marvelous, a five star biscuit chef from the sunny beach of Barcelona.

Meet Nitsa from Greece. She loves to eat grass and relax in the garden. She hasn't been out out for quite some time and likes to reminisce about the good old days when she was young free and wild and often out for nights on end.